Friday, September 28, 2012

Exhibiting The Work: Back to School Night

After all the hard work that went into creating their responses to the 100 Languages poem, the students were invited to actually curate their own work - to pick and choose their best work products, lay them out for display, and then label their work so that their parents and other visitors would know a little more about what they were seeing at Back to School Night.  It was exciting to see the children take this mission seriously - thinking about how to describe their projects and what they meant.  Below are some pictures that were snapped at Back to School Night:

Exhibition Display up on the Shelves
The Thought Bombs, Slingshots, Lassos, and Weaponry Exhibition Table
Loved that the children thought of how clear plexiglass is used in museums to display selected items
The Mood Balls, all lovingly labeled for visitors
The Language of Birds:  The children tried making birds with styrofoam eggs and feathers

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