Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And Then It All Came Together

Thankfully, the children arrived for their first week and the room was magically faculty, parents, spouses, children, was nothing short of miraculous....
The in-class studio, ready for young artists to dive right in

The view from the door into the room

Lovely natural sunshine bathes the room with a soft glow

Materials waiting to be explored by creative hands and minds

A view from the studio into our classroom library

The library...and the wooden treehouse escape...

Our math and literacy workshop

Our circle space:  undulating lines symbolic of the creative flow of ideas...

It felt like an immense leap of faith that it would all come together...but it became more of a  testament to the power of a strong learning community that enables great things.  I feel truly grateful and deeply inspired by the support I feel around me and our students.  And what amazing students they are....


  1. Christine, Mauren and First graders,

    Your classroom makes me wish that I was in First grade again. It is a beautiful setting to what I know will be an amazing year of thinking, collaborating and enjoying your moments together as a community.

  2. I'm jealous. As a sixth-grade teacher, I wish this is what my classroom could look like.