Friday, September 28, 2012

The Child of 100

D. responded rather literally to the 100 Languages poem by attempting to collect 100 individual objects and pieces of materials in a tray.  He chose individual beads, markers, sheets of paper, buttons, sequins and popsicle sticks. In the preliminary building phase, he reached 81 materials. 

D: Well I thought about the thing in the poem where it said the child is made of 100. So I’m getting 100 things to build myself. I only have 81.

K: Well it looks like it has 100 so why doesn’t it?

D: Because I counted it.

Together the two students collaborated to finish collecting the 100 items, and then they drew up a plan to try building someone out of 100 materials.  The thought process behind this idea is especially rich and inspired:  the idea being that language is something you are made of, not just something that you use. 

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  1. I love your interpretation of the child being made of 100 languages. Drew likes that, too.