Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Gifts We Bring to Our Class

Writing this post as we close on our first full month of our school year, it's hard to believe how long ago our Parent Visits to the classroom were...waaaay back, the day before school officially began.  The most important element in our classroom came into play (literally and figuratively):  the children and their families.

They were invited to think about the space as the white box it had been just a matter of days before their arrival - and in so doing, take a small white gift box and decorate it, to show what gifts each of them bring to this class.  The children decorated their boxes with self-portraits and lovely designs and their parents followed suit.
Creative children...creative families...

This new classroom in a brand new building reflects a new chapter in the life of our school. As it is a gift to our school community, each child and parent was encouraged to reflect upon the gifts they themselves bring to our classroom.  These lovely, colorful boxes were displayed on shelving above our coat hooks and were the first decorations to grace our room.

Looks like an art gallery already!

So many marvelous tiny treasures...

Their artistic gifts alone are truly self-evident, as are their expressive powers of observation.

It is so apparent that they were ready to begin!  

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