Friday, September 28, 2012

The Thought Drawer

E. had a very different interpretation of the 100 Languages poem.  He devised a Thought Drawer, to protect thoughts and keep them safe, and to pick and choose from whenever the drawer was opened.  The picture above shows how you could put your languages into the drawer, and below are the items he put inside his drawer.  The use of a cork in making the drawer is particularly interesting - is it a handle to close or gain access to the thoughts and languages or a stopper to keep the thoughts from spilling out?  

If you take the pom pom off the top, these are the treasures inside...reminiscent of the Child of 100 collection of items

He then began making a chest for the Thought Drawer, but stated that it also kind of looked like a tank, perhaps an extra added protective measure against those who might try to steal the thoughts away.

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