Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thought Lassos, Thought Bombs, Slingshots and Other Weaponry

Several different camps of thought began to emerge in response to the 100 Languages poem.  For many of the boys in our class, their response put them on the defensive.  At first, this group began making "brains" out of wire, and then some of the children began making lassos and thought bombs out of pipe cleaner and wire.  While some thought of these items as weaponry to defend themselves against those who might take away their means of expression - their languages - others developed weapons that they thought might be used against children to take those things away.  

We're thinking about how the teachers could have taken the thoughts.  
 They're lassos.  They catch thoughts.
They're stealing our thoughts.
The teachers use them to catch away the memories.
I'm making mine bigger to catch bigger thoughts.

An early version of the thought lasso

This lasso has actually captured some thoughts
Thought bombs made of wire could be shot through slingshots
T. begins to develop one of many defensive weapons to ward off would-be language stealers

D. demonstrates how to launch a thought bomb from his slingshot

A thought bomb is sort of like the kind of blows up your thought.  

 You don't know when your brain changes.

           I think they throw the thought bomb into your mouth and it explodes in your throat. 

"The school and the culture...tell the child that the hundred is not there.  The child says NO WAY:  The hundred is there"....Clearly, the first graders are more than willing and able to defend their hundred languages! 

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  1. Christine, this post gave me chills. The idea of adults using *weapons* to remove children's thoughts is like something from a dystopian children's novel (The Mysterious Benedict Society springs to mind, and maybe Coraline).

    "You don't know when your brain changes." This is so true. As a parent who had the misfortune of seeing a child's language being taken from him without the child even knowing it, it's a horrifying thing to have happen. The child doesn't even know what was stolen.

    I'm feeling very grateful for you right now!