Monday, October 15, 2012

Sprout Now, Baby! Letters to a Seed

The children in our class became very protective of their baby seeds (and very impatient waiting for them to spout!), so it was decided that we take some time and write a note to the seeds to encourage them to grow. 
Sprout now, baby!

R:  It's a sunflower that was planted in 6 billion B.C. and it was impossible to chop down, but only another sunflower with a chainsaw could.  It took him one billion years to grow,.  It was planted in 6 billion B.C. but no one knows that because they weren't alive back in the age of the dinosaurs.

D:  The seed is happy because it's in dirt and it's growing roots and drinking a lot.  What will make him angry when he's a flower is if you cut the flower off.  What will make it happy is if its roots suck up water and its stem grows more. 

"Sprout you!"

L. acknowledged that he'd given his baby seed way too much water after planting it. Here, he apologizes to the first seed (in the baby food jar at the bottom):  "Sorry I gave you too much water."  He asked to try growing another seed (in the cup at the top). 

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