Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a Scientist Looks Like

Dr. Carr E. Less, aka our Science Specialist Dan Daglish
During our investigation of a sunflower - and following a visit to the middle school by Dr. Carr E. Less (aka Sabot's own Science Specialist Dan Daglish) - it was time to ask the question:  what do you think a scientist looks like?  Many of the first graders didn't realize that they themselves are working, theorizing, and acting like scientists, so it was helpful to examine the stereotypical Mad Scientist image and think more deeply about how our investigative research projects are getting us to think and work like scientists in our very own classroom. 

Here's what some of our students came up with:

O's scientist looks like he needs to be a bit more careful in the lab!  Watch that hair!
N:  "This is what scientists' labs look like.  This is an astronomy lab."
Things are bubbling away in this laboratory
T's mad scientist certainly looks the part - and of course, there's fire involved!
Test tubes = science! = BOOM!
E's scientist looks like he actually notices that his hair seems to be on fire!
I's scientist is fashionably attired as test tubes blast and pop
D's scientist mixing it up in the lab - lots of flaming test tubes

O's mad scientist with wild flaming red hair and the obligatory test tubes
B's scientist has a very "explosive" personality
Some did, however, see that there was a science connection to 
what we we've been doing with sunflowers:

R:  "This is a science lab with a bunch of mixes that can make sunflowers"

In the foreground of K's picture, a number of women scientists hold their magnifying glasses up to scientifically examine the tall sunflower, and in the background, there are other tables set up to investigate other mysteries - volcanoes and, of course, snack! 

K's botantist
And above, K. totally got that we've been doing science all along in our class - his scientist is "putting water on the plants and studying the flowers," just like us!  

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