Sunday, January 20, 2013

Movement of Bodies, Movement of Seeds: Visit from Laura

The group of children that has been exploring and investigating the movement of seeds worked with Laura in order to return to their original interest in movement of bodies

Laura, knowing the backstory of this group's work, led the children in falling runs and leaps. 

 Although neither Laura nor the children mentioned it...

...their movement seemed reminiscent of seeds falling from trees and bumping over rocks. 

Notice their joy. 

Laura then asked the children to think of their own seeds
--the ones which they had been creating out of clay --
and asked them to create movementsthat represented the shape of these seeds. 

"Move in ways that interest you.
If a movement doesn't interest you,
change what you're doing to something that does interest you."

The children worked individually, creating seed-shape movements...

then performed two at a time...

taught their movements to the entire group... 

and then worked in pairs to link their two movements together.

While moving in ways that were interesting to them, the children practiced representing their thinking. They practiced collaboration, performance and careful observation of each others' movements. They demonstrated passion, enthusiasm and understanding of their own bodies. 

The next day, they returned to their Story of a Sunflower Seed with less confusion, more excitement and bodies that were more comfortable with moving. 

-Posted by Mauren Campbell  

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