Thursday, May 2, 2013

Continued Exploration of Trojan Animals Using Art and Narrative

Soon other wonderful new variations and ideas emerged from 
the Trojan animal project:
I's Trojan Dragon
Perfect for getting over the city walls of Troy
And E's Trojan Worm:  perfect for getting under them
Who wouldn't be tricked by a Trojan monkey?

Inside S's Trojan monkey:  "There's a banana person sitting on a banana chair, reading the banana news (instead of a newspaper.  The monkey ate the banana and it turned into a banana person.  The Greeks built the monkey so they could hid inside it, but they're dressed like bananas. 

The Trojan bunny just wants to get inside the walls of Troy 
to get to some tasty Trojan carrots.
They then began writing stories about their Trojan animals.
Below are a few choice excerpts:
Developing mythical stories about their Trojan animals
K. draws the shield of Athena in the nearby dirt to protect our writing muses
O.F.: The story of the Trojan turtles:  The Greeks were getting attacked so much that they got three turtles, one small, one medium, and one big.  Achilles, a Greek leader, took his chariot and hitched up the turtles and went to Troy.  The turtles ate up the city gates.  Achilles took his cell phone and called his friend Odysseus.  He said to Odysseus that he was in Troy.  Odysseus got the message and the Greeks sailed to Troy.  When they got there, Menelaus (Helen’s husband) went to the jail and got Helen.  They went out of the gates, but Hector was guarding the walls and meant to kill Helen. Instead, he broke the reins of the turtles.  Paris grabbed them and hugged and kissed them.  He took them to his secret house. The End.

K.:  The story of the Trojan sphinx:  The sphinx was guarding Troy.  One day when a woman came to the gate, she had long black hair.  This was Athena in disguise.  She had heard that the sphinx was evil and had come to kill her.  The sphinx saw her and asked, "What creature walks on four legs, then two legs, then three legs?"  She said, "Man."  The sphinx was mad.  She killed herself. 

L.M.:  The story of the Trojan chicken:  The Trojan chicken can lay eggs that the Greeks are inside of.  The chicken can fly.  He has jet feet to help him fly.  When the eggs hit the ground, the Greeks come out.

S:  The story of the Trojan monkey:  Once there was a monkey. It was not just a monkey.  It belonged to the Trojans.  You know why?  The Trojans think it belongs to them.  The Greeks made it, but it was not a thank you gift.  The Greeks were hiding in it and they were dressed like bananas.  At night, the Greeks attacked.  They won the battle! 

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