Monday, June 3, 2013

Dead Log Dialogue Part IIII

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After several months away from this project, we gather a group and head into the forest to give the deconstructors another chance to deconstruct. 
A new dead tree in a new location, with no one to demand that the group stop their project.

We find a tree with a similar structure as the first dead log, scout it for snakes and poison ivy, then begin to break away its bark.

D.H: There's a worm in here already deconstructing it for us!

We find giant beetles eating holes in the tree.
Why do you think there are beetles here?
J: It's their home. 

T. and O.F. find the root system of a second, nearby tree and become fascinated with the malleable dirt that surrounds it. Wanting to make a fort, they call to those who are still scraping away bark:

O.F: Bring over the pieces you break up and we'll use it for the fort. 


Soon, we are all scraping at the mound of dirt and roots, rather than the decomposing tree. 
Pippin helps a child create a roof over a hole that he is making, so that he can dig his hole while other children scrape away dirt from the top. 
When E. and O.P. both find large beetles, O.P. exclaims: "Let's make a house for our beetle!
 We begin to create a village.... 

...of houses....
...and walls...and slides...

...and reservoirs....

...and filters.

We came into the forest to deconstruct, but we are suddenly constructing. 
Or rather, we are taking apart so that we can create anew. 

Looking back on the debate we had months ago--about whether or not to deconstruct the first dead log-- it becomes apparent that the need to deconstruct in order to construct was there all along. 
Re-read some of the arguments made in the "Dead Log Summit Meeting" on March 7, 2013:

D.H: [When it gets knocked over] you could stand on it and try to balance. Also you can see…that there’s a hole here [points to flat part of log in picture], underneath the log right there. And we’re gonna try to make it bigger and like make it lead to a secret passageway and you guys can go under it.

J:If we get the tree down, there'll be a lot more space for us to run around, so...and if we don't cut it down then there won't be a, like, a lot of room to run around, we'll just have to go under the tree. It'll be a lot harder. 

T.F: If we knock the tree down there'll be more space for a chocolate factory. 

L.A: If we knock over this one, we can always get a lot of people to carry this [log] over here to make another climbing area.

O.F: We can help them build something else so they will have a fun time as well. 

-Posted by Mauren Campbell

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